Benefits of Joining CHY Mall

UPDATE: Due to recent changes made by the CHY MALL company to their platform, we are no longer confident in recommending them because the platform no longer seems as stable as it was in 2020. We have therefore decided to suspend our registration services for now. We also advice you not to join because the platform looks like it may not last long though they are still paying new members now but there is no way to tell how long this will continue. Same goes for other similar "New-Retail" platforms like this. If you still go ahead to join, do so at your own risk. This article was written when the platform was still very good. Some of the information is no longer accurate.

Benefits of Joining CHY Mall

Being a member of CHY Mall comes with lots of benefits which include:

  • You make back what you put in within 6 to 9 months without doing much and without referring anybody or selling products yourself.
  • Earn up to 5% income of your initial spend every 10 to 12 days: If you put your money in CHY Mall, you make in 12 days what it will take you nearly one year to make if you put same amount of money in the bank.
  • Your capital is not locked up and you can pull out your capital and stop after every 10 to 12 days (for the manual trade) or after every 50 to 100 days (for automatic trading).
  • Easy withdrawal of your earnings through other CHY Mall members and service centers or through Bitcoin. Bank transfer to some banks and other payment options are also available with more being added regularly. One thing is for sure your money will never get stuck if you choose to withdraw. You can get your money within 24 hours to 14 days depending on the means of withdrawal you use.
  • You can earn without doing anything. Referral is not compulsory. Selling products is not compulsory. You will be paid whether or not you refer anyone or market/sell products.
  • However, If you choose to refer people you will earn many more types of commissions and bonuses including cars and foreign trips for the best performers (see the video below this list for the cars distribution recently)

More Benefits of Joining CHY Mall

Cars Distribution (Video)

Cars Distribution to some Active Members in CHY Mall e Commerce Shopping Mall Held Recently: