Is Chymall Investment or Chymall Business?

UPDATE: Due to recent changes made by the CHY MALL company to their platform, we are no longer confident in recommending them because the platform no longer seems as stable as it was in 2020. We have therefore decided to suspend our registration services for now. We also advice you not to join because the platform looks like it may not last long though they are still paying new members now but there is no way to tell how long this will continue. Same goes for other similar "New-Retail" platforms like this. If you still go ahead to join, do so at your own risk. This article was written when the platform was still very good. Some of the information is no longer accurate.

Is Chymall Investment or Chymall Business?

One common misconception that people make is being of the opinion that CHY Mall is an online investment program. But Chy Mall is not an investment program, it is a business.

These people who think wrongly really can’t be blamed because on the surface, CHY Mall appears to have all the characteristics of an “investment” program in that you put in some money and after a certain period of waiting, your money yields some additional interest.

Yes, that’s basically what also seems to happen in CHY Mall but the key difference is that the money you put in is put to use to buy and sell goods on your behalf, at the end of which some of the profit is paid back to you. So in reality, what you are doing is TRADING – in the form of e-commerce i.e buying and selling, just that the CHY Mall platform handles all the hard stuff for you.

So CHY Mall platform should be seen as an online e-commerce platform and online based business where you have your own online store and CHY Mall does all the buying and selling for you and remits a profit to you at the end of the trading cycle. E-commerce stands for electronic commerce and it means the buying and selling that is carried out online via the internet.