What is CHY Shopping Mall?

UPDATE: Due to recent changes made by the CHY MALL company to their platform, we are no longer confident in recommending them because the platform no longer seems as stable as it was in 2020. We have therefore decided to suspend our registration services for now. We also advice you not to join because the platform looks like it may not last long though they are still paying new members now but there is no way to tell how long this will continue. Same goes for other similar "New-Retail" platforms like this. If you still go ahead to join, do so at your own risk. This article was written when the platform was still very good. Some of the information is no longer accurate.

CHY Mall is currently the hottest and fastest paying MLM network marketing platform in Nigeria right now.

In CHY Mall You Can Make Money Every Day (15% Profit Every Month) Online Without Doing Anything. No Referring and No Selling.

  • In CHY Mall, You earn every 10 to 12 days without referring or selling products.
  • You can make up to 15% of your money every month
  • You make double the amount you used to join within 9 months
  • if you leave your money in the bank, it would take nearly a whole year to generate what that same amount of money would generate within 10 to 12 days in CHY Mall
  • Fully Passive Income
  • You are entitled to lots of free products
  • Anybody from any country can Join
  • No compulsory referrals and no selling
  • Fast and Easy withdrawal of funds

The CHY mall company has its world headquarters in Malaysia and China where the parent companies are domiciled. It has its African headquarters in Ghana and also has members and service centers in more than thirty countries of the world and growing.

Although anyone from any country can join, the company’s focus is on Africa because of its huge market and young population (over 70% of Africans are below 30 years of age). This African focus is a smart strategic move that is sure to grow the company because by capturing the hearts of the population from when they are young ensures their brand loyalty as they grow older and in turn start their own families.